“You Can’t Know Christ and Still Deny Your Mother!” – Reno Omokri Advises Men

On-air media personality, Reno Omokri, has advised men not to neglect their mother. He disclosed that it is impossible to know Christ and still deny your mother

Reno in a tweet on the microbogging platform, stated that everyone came into this world drenched in their mother’s blood. They should thus respect their mother.

According to him some men forget how their mother carried them inside her womb for nine months and allow their wives to turn them against their mother.

He added that the only person that shed blood for humans apart from mothers is Jesus Christ. He stated that men should stop showing preference to their wives at the expense of their mother.

“Dear men,

You literally came into this world drenched in your mother’s blood. Yet, you allow your wife turn you against her? The only other Person who shed blood for you to live, apart from your mother, is Christ. You can’t know Christ and still deny your mother!”.

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