YCee Slams Critics For Tagging His Career “Dead”

Nigerian rapper, Oludemilade Martin Alejo, widely known as Ycee has clapped back at trolls who claim his career is dead.

The Nigerian artiste incessantly gets bashed by music critics who never fail to remind him that his career needs some form of resuscitation.

Ycee maintained that he is still relevant, and that’s why he gets talked about.

He further stated that his family is good, as well as his health. Finally, he informs cybernauts that he has new music coming.

He tweeted;

Since 2018 it’s been “you’ve fallen off” “your career this” Shaybe if I’m irrelevant yall would stop talking about me??? My family is good. I’m healthy. New music on the way! Jokes on you and your political party.

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