Woman Jailed For Strangling Her Rapist To Death With T-Shirt

An indigenous woman in Mexico identified as Roxana Ruiz was sentenced to six years and two months in prison for the murder of her rapist.

Roxana was jailed for “excessive use of self-defence” after she strangled the man who broke into her home, threatened and raped her.

According to State of Mexico court, said that while they recognized she was a victim of rape, they believed “a blow on the head” would have been enough to defend the 23-year-old.

It was gathered that in May 2021, the mother-of-one was arrested by police after she was spotted trying to drag a bag containing the chopped-up body parts of her attacker.

We learnt that she ended up in the terrifying situation after she saw the man stranded on the street and offered him a place to stay.

“It was my life or his life,” the woman said. “I only wanted to defend my life from a rapist,” she said, adding that she acted out of fear.

The court heard how she woke up in the night and found the man in her bed raping her.

She hit him in the face and gave him a nosebleed.

While he was distracted she grabbed a T-shirt and used it to strangle him to death.

“I feel sad, disappointed in justice. If I had not defended myself, I would be dead,” Ruiz told the media outside the court in the municipality of Nezahualcóyotl — one of the most dangerous to be a woman in Mexico.

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