Why We Are Insisting On Ayu’s Resignation – Ikpeazu

The Governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu has revealed why he is supporting Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike continued the call for the resignation of the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Senator Iyorchia Ayu.

Ikpeazu stated that he is demanding the resignation of Ayu as the party chairman in order to ensure the principle of inclusiveness for the South-East, South-West, and South-South in the running of the party.

“I am a party man, I am not going anywhere, I will remain in the PDP, but it is good that I am in a place where I can ask those questions about what my people will naturally confront me with. That is why I also have some problems with some members of our party who do not see our point of view. I am not going to support Wike to battle Atiku or Okowa. But, I will support Wike on principle to demand the inclusiveness of the Southeast, the Southsouth and the Southwest in the party.

“If what we have are mere promises that nobody is willing to compromise, it means that we have all decided to go to war with a limping rickety vehicle; that is our choice. But, if you put me in the position of the dramatis personnel, I will think differently. I thank God for a man like Wike and I wish people knew that Wike is a man of tomorrow; he is the kind of person that people should crave and look for. But, unfortunately, people love cunning individuals that won’t say anything but finally undermine you. Nobody wants to co-habitat with somebody that will give you an excuse of mind up front.

“Wike is much like the soldier ant that draws a straight line and walks along that straight line and in doing that with a gesture to say, just take the rest of the world and leave this straight line. If you step on this straight line, you will be forced to remove your trousers from the market. Maybe, other people will just keep quiet and the consequences will stare us in the face.

“So, if my party said that they owe any explanation to anybody and that this is what our party has become, these same questions that we are asking ourselves now, the ordinary Nigerians will ask us with their votes. But, I want to be in a position now that I have made my point and mark until this point where I can say to our people, the same question you ask, I have always asked.”

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