“Why I Stopped Buying Gift for Men” — Media Personality, Kemi Reveals

On-air media personality, Kemi, has revealed the reason she no longer buy gifts for men. She stated that she stopped buying gifts for men because of their attitude towards the gifts.

The OAP in a tweet on the microbogging platform, stated that she stopped buying gifts for men after she bought gifts for two different men and their reactions were unwelcoming.

According to her she bought a t-shirt for the first guy and the next time she visited him, she discovered he is using it as his rag. She bought a birthday cake for the second guy and he gifted it to his neighbors in her presence.

These two worst experiences did not seat well with her and she vowed never to buy men gifts again.

Her words,

I stopped buying gift for men since my two worst experiences. I got a tshirt for the first one and the next time I visited, it was his rag, I got a birthday cake for the second one and he gave it out to his neighbors in my presence. Ever since then I vowed never to get men gifts”.

See below,

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