“Why Can’t Men Marry The Ladies They Party, Smoke And Drink With?” – Nigerian Lady Asks

A Nigerian lady has asked to know the reason men don’t want to marry the ladies they party, smoke and drink with. She asked this because her friend recently got dumped by her boyfriend.

According to her, her friend recently got secretly dumped by her boyfriend. The boyfriend secretly got married to another woman.

She stated that the guy broke up with her friend because he wants a good mother for his kids. He doesn’t see the lady as a potential mother for his kids.

Her words,

“Why can’t men marry the ladies they party,Smoke and drink with??

I asked this cause a friend of mine was secretly dumped!, her boyfriend got married to another lady and all the guy said was he couldn’t continue with her because she always drink, smoke and party with him and he needs a good mother for his kids. Lol”.

See below;

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