WHAT SHOULD I DO? My Wife Takes More Instructions From My Mom Than Me

Good evening dear readers.

Let me go straight to the point. I work off-shore so most of the time I am not always around, sometimes I can be at work for three months and be given one or two weeks time- off that’s just the nature of my job.

But they is something troubling me seriously, when I give my wife instructions regarding anything at all she will first of all ask my Mom before she carries out the instruction I give her, that’s if my Mom is in support of the instruction.

Recently I gave her an instruction regarding a particular matter while I was on time-off, only for my wife to call me fee weeks later that she has carried out the instruction when the time I told her to carry out that instruction is not yet.

I was so mad at her I asked her why can’t she wait till the time I told her to do it; she said my Mom came over to the house and told her to do it so she did it. At that point I cut the call.

Later that day my Mom called me and was asking why I cut the call on my wife and refused to pick her call even why she was calling back.

I told her she was the course, and she said how, and I told her why will I give my wife instruction and u will come to counter that instruction without the both of you letting me know not after the did has been done.

My Mom was angry that can’t she have say in my home, I told her to an extent not to the point of countering my instructions.

She was very angry we both had some argument on the phone before I told her am late for work I want to cut and she hang up, she knows I was seriously angry with her.

Since that day she hasn’t called me and I haven’t called her too.

My wife called me and apologized that it won’t happen again. I forgive her and we both made amend. Now my Mom is not talking to me and my wife at the moment. Please what I did was it wrong or did I over reacted?

I love and respect my Mom likewise my wife, but I won’t want her to control my home for me.

Should I Call Her And Apologize To Her Or Just Let Her Be Till Her Mind Comes Down?

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