Wedding Bells! In 2023, Cubana Chief Priest Will Tie The Knot (Photos)

Pascal Chibuike, also known as Cubana Chief Priest, is a well-known celebrity bartender who plans to wed his longtime partner in 2023.

Through his narrative, the socialite disclosed that he would be hosting an extravagant wedding for his bride.

He explained why he was getting married by saying that his wife had put up with him for seven years and had been very patient. He promised to give her a wedding she would never forget.

“My white wedding na next year @d_eangels. Next year I will give you a wedding for the books. I think I have spend enough to be able to Lavish 2023 na my love, yeah. Am so excited!!!!”.

“2023 Na My love year @_deangels anyhow you want it let’s know am ready!!! You were so patient for seven 7 years. Now I wanna know how you want the wedding. Roasted, cooked or fried?”.

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