“Waiting For People To Get Their Karma Is A Waste Of Time” — Twitter User

A Twitter user, Tenderoni, has opined that people waiting for persons who have wronged them to get their karma is a waste of time. This is because wicked people prosper most of the time.

The user stated that wicked people prosper mostly than good people and as such waiting for them to get Karma is a miserable waste of time.

Her words:

“Wicked people prosper ALL THE TIME. In fact, I lowkey believe they prosper the most. Waiting for people to get their “karma” is a miserable waste of time”.

In reaction to her post, a commenter identified as Folasade stated that the best is to move on with someone’s life without caring how much the wicked prosper.

She wrote:

“I think what people have confused is that you’re not supposed to sit around and wait for karma to have its way with the person. You’re supposed to move on with you life. And I wouldn’t care how much the wicked prosper. I’m too deep rooted. Won’t move me one way or another”.

Another commenter identified as Charlybwoi wrote:

“Karma ALWAYS catches up. Whether you witness it or not and it doesn’t strike in the way we expect. Moving on is the best way”.

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