UK This, UK That, Let Us Breathe – Nkechi Blessings Advices Nigerians In UK

Popular Nigerian actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has addressed the trend among Nigerians who have turned advisers after they relocated to the United Kingdom (UK).

Nkechi noted that since the UK opened its gate to Nigerians, those who have successfully relocated have become overnight immigration officers who come to social media to give unsolicited advice on how to Japa.

She said:

“Ever since UK border open border for Nigerians, everyday UK this…you want to come to the UK? Ogini…e kon dey make me be like say I never go the UK before or I no get passport.

“No be the same UK wey dey my passport wey I never even see chance to go? Ah! (Infuse Igbo language) Una don kon make US and Canada be like say them no dey exist again.

“Any small thing if you want to come to the UK you gotta do this…you gotta do that..ogini what is it…kilo ṣẹlẹ , kilo ṣẹlẹ gan gan kilo de, é dé je ká simi , let’s breathe , what is it? Ah! Well hmmm…I don’t want to use my mouth and say bad thing sha, but ah! people wey open border for una well, it is well o…ah”.

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