“Stop Disrespecting People’s Loved Ones” – Daniel Regha Slams Social Media Trolls

Popular Twitter influencer, Daniel Regha, has a useful piece of advice for people who pass insults to other persons on social media. He advised such people to stop disrespecting people’s loved ones.

Daniel in his tweet stated that some social media users are fond of insulting people’s parents and family during clap-backs on social media.

He stated that such behavior is seen as normal among youths and is only exhibited by those who were not well brought up.

He therefore advised social media users to stop this attitude and desist from disrespecting people’s loved ones without being offended.

His words,

“It’s really a shame how many netizens just go about insulting people’s parents & dragging their family when giving clap-backs; This behavior is being normalized by the youths, but it only goes to show how many lack home training. Stop disrespecting people’s loved ones unprovoked”.

See below,

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