Sina Rambo Has Been Physically Abusing Me – Wife Reveals

The son of the newly elected governor of Osun state, Sina Rambo has been called out by his wife after he domestically abused her.

Shina Adeleke married Korth in 2021 and it seems that their marriage has already taken a wrong turn.

According to Korth, Sina and his sister joined forces to abuse her. She made the confession on her Instagram story.

Korth said her husband is currently owing her an amount she didn’t disclose. She also said she had to go through CS to have her child.

Shina’s wife added that she had covid when she was pregnant and that he didn’t care enough about her but himself. After a successful cesarean operation, she went home, and just after 3 days, Shina had already started making her cook for him and didn’t help with house chores.

Korth also revealed that the singer is broke and can no longer afford things for himself. She shared screenshots of their chat where she sent him money for his upkeep.

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