Responsibilities Are Real and Bills No Sabi Maturity” – Actress Yetunde Bakare

Nollywood actress Yetunde Bakare, has revealed that she sometimes feel like acting matured and stop being dramatic.

Bakare in a post on her insta story, stated that even though she crave to act like a matured and literate person, all these won’t pay her bills and take care of her responsibilities.

According to her, she is a Microbiologist by profession and she sometimes wish to behave as such. But her acting career is paying her bills.

She thus resolved to continue being dramatic and acting like a tout because this is what pays her bills.

In her words,

“Sometimes I just feel like acting matured and literate
😜… in behave like a microbiologist wey I be 😔
But then responsibilities are REAL and bills no sabi maturity 🚶‍♀️
Abeg make I face my hustle and continue to act like tout 👐💰”.

See below,


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