Portable Reportedly Expecting Babies From 2 Different Girlfriends, Set To Marry One of Them To Join 1st Wife

Nigerian singer Portable is in the news again, and this time it’s because he is set to become a father again The singer who is married with two kids is reportedly expecting two more from his lovers The Zazu crooner reportedly caused a crisis in his home after he introduced one of the ladies to is wife Bewaji as the second wife

Popular Nigerian singer Portable is hardly ever off the news and this time, the Zazu crooner seems to have joined the baby daddies club.

According to reports sighted online, Portable got his two girlfriends, Keji and Ashabi pregnant and he is set to make Keji his second wife.

The singer earlier caused a scene in his home after he took Keji to his home to show the mother of his kids Bewaji.

There have been reports that made the rounds online that the singer had allegedly gotten someone pregnant, but most people didn’t know there is a second woman.

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