PLEASE HELP! My Ex Wants To Come Back

My worst worry was realised after I started seriously seeing another female, my ex crawled back.

We split up seven months ago. We had been a couple since college.

She is 23; I am 25. She said that she needed some distance and wasn’t sure if our relationship would last. After two weeks of attempting to argue with her about it, I finally gave up and entered ghost mode.

First couple of months were rough but I applied myself at the gym and other things and when I was feeling better about my physique made a Bumble account just to gain some self-esteem back and also take my mind off her.

Met this girl about 2 months ago and we’ve been close since then. We Bleep every week and recently we’ve been talking about making things serious. I confess I’m starting to become infatuated with this girl, and she’s already head over heels for me.

The problem is that I still love my ex, way more than this new girl. She reached out today saying she regrets breaking up with me, she was depressed and got some therapy and realized I’m all she wants. She says she went on a few dates but “didn’t have sex or even kiss any of them.”

She said I could check her phone if I want to. Obviously she could have just deleted any proof but I’m inclined to believe her considering she was very prudish when we were together and also I was the one that disvirgined her

The problem is I don’t know whether I stick to this new babe or accept my ex back

What Should I Do?

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