“Past Leaders Failed Us We Need President that Can Take Us To….” – BBN Boma Speaks

A lot of celebrities have been giving their two cents about the presidential election conducted on Saturday.

Reality tv star and model, Boma Akpore, has also expressed his thoughts on the ongoing elections in Nigeria.

He stated that the past leaders Nigeria have had, have failed in the area of leadership and Nigeria needs a new leader.

The reality tv star made this known in a recent interview, where he expressed hope that Nigeria will be healed. This is because if Nigeria is healed it will positively affect all other sectors including the entertainment industry.

He said:

“Hopefully, we can elect the person who can take us to the promised land. And most importantly, it won’t be empty promises this time. All our past leaders have failed us woefully. If the nation is well, it will spread positively to every sector; not just the entertainment industry. I am more focused on a leader with conscience, who has the interest of the country at heart.”

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