Nigeria Makes People Mad Every Year, Sowore Speaks More On Legalising Cannabis

Omoyele Sowore, the African Action Congress (AAC) presidential candidate, has insisted on the legalisation of cannabis if elected Nigeria’s president in February.

Sowore had in an interview on Thursday decried Nigeria’s over-dependence on oil and reaffirmed his commitment to diversify the Nigerian economy should he get to power next month.

The rights activist, who stressed the commercial value of cannabis, said the importation of the substance would boost the country’s foreign earnings.

He said:

“There are some weeds on earth, there are reasons why God created them. For example, cannabis, if you take it the right way, will increase your thinking. I am not taking it but I will legalise it. It is not that you should abuse it.

“In fact, the non-legalisation of cannabis is why people abuse it. There is no place you will reach in Nigeria where you won’t be able to buy cannabis if you want it. They are selling it in the mosque, in the church.

“Pastors are taking it and Islamic clerics are also taking it. If you want to buy good cannabis, you will get it from NDLEA (National Drug Law Enforcement Agency). If you know how much they are making from cannabis in this country, you will marvel.

“The rest is medicine, it is money. Canada is making over $4 billion from cannabis. If Ondo, Edo, Sapele in Delta and Ekiti are exporting cannabis, they will not be requesting oil money in Abuja.”

However, in a tweet on Friday, Sowore insisted the country negatively affects Nigerians more than cannabis and poison.

“Cannabis is illegal in Nigeria because they claim it will make people “run mad” but Nigeria itself is legal and it makes more people run mad every year and even kills more people than tobacco and alcohol, road accidents and poison!” He tweeted.

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