“Never Marry Anyone Who Brings Nothing Into the Relationship” – Reno Omokri

On-air media personality, Reno Omokri has dished out some relationship, Reno Omokri, has advised singles against marrying persons that doesn’t have anything other than their bodies to offer.

There are instances where only one person is financing a relationship while the other person only offer sex without contributing a dime.

In a tweet on the microbogging platform, Reno stated that such persons are zeroes and the other party effort will also amount to zero.

Reno added that it is not advisable for single persons to date someone who doesn’t have financial stability otherwise they will reduce such a person to their own level.

“Dear singles,

Never marry anyone who brings nothing into the relationship except their bodies. Such people are zeroes. And if you multiply what you bring into the relationship times zero, it will still equal zero. People like that reduce you to their zero level! “.

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