Nancy Isime Goes Unclothed in New Movie, Actress React

The internet literarily set ablaze after the movie, ‘Shanty Town’ was released on Netflix today, 20th January.

A particular scene from the movie pictured the moment actress, Nancy Isime went nude which left netizens excited and curious at the same time.

The movie made it’s viewers believe it’s her banging body shown in the scenes . Veteran Actor RMD who was present at the moment also fondled her breasts.

These raunchy moments however drove her fans wild.

At the time of documenting this report, Nancy Isime occupies the No.1 position on Twitter trends.

In reaction to the Nancy Isime has been doing a lot of clarifications as she claims the private parts flashed in the movie is that of her body double.

Taking to Instagram, her write up below 👇


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