Naira Scarcity: “It Is A Price Nigerians Must Pay” – PDP’s Adetokunbo Pearse Lauds Buhari

Dr Adetokunbo Pearse, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Committee, has lauded President Muhammadu Buhari’s decision on the naira redesign policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Pearse gave the commendation in a statement made available to newsmen on Friday in Lagos where he urged Nigerians to remain calm and show understanding of the policy.

The PDP chieftain appealed to Nigerians to remain calm and show understanding of the policy, saying the president’s apology for the hardship caused by the policy in a broadcast on Thursday, was appropriate and acceptable.

His commendation comes in the midst of controversies and criticism over the implementation of the redesign policy.

The president has received condemnation from several quarters over the policy including some governors of his party, the All Progressive Congress (APC).

However, the PDP chieftain in the statement asserted that the people criticising the policy most are known for vote buying.

Pearse remarked that the suffering was just for a short while and that just like what the president said the discomfort would soon end.

He stated that “But it is a price the people must pay for an improved economy, more credible elections and a more secure society.

“This is a case of short-term pain for long-term gain. I noticed that the loudest protest is coming from politicians, who are well-known for vote-buying. As the president has indicated, there is an end in sight for this discomfort. This is less than two months away, which is immediately after the 2023 general elections.”

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