‘My Partner Does Not Cheat, so Not All Men Cheat’ – Jane Obi

Nollywood actress, Jane obi, has asserted that contrary to what most ladies believe not all men cheat on their girlfriends or wives.

The actress was recently a guest on Saturday Beats, and she disclosed that her man doesn’t cheat. This made her believe that not all men cheat.

She said,

“My partner does not cheat, so I don’t think that all men cheat.”

While speaking about favoritism in Nollywood industry, she noted that there is favoritism in all aspects of life. This is because people prefer to work with people they can relate with.

Her words,

“There is favouritism in all aspects of life. People prefer to work with individuals they are comfortable around, that they can relate well with. There is nothing wrong with people working with individuals they like. Making movies requires being with the people one is working with a lot of the time, so nobody wants to be around someone with bad vibes. Some people call it cliques, but I see it as being cool with someone and wanting to be around them more.”

On how important being beautiful is in the industry, Janesaid,

“Beauty is part of the profession. One has to be marketable to succeed in entertainment. Looking good is good for the business.”

She addressed the issue of ladies sending nudes to their partners, she said this happens to those in long distance relationship.

“When one is in a long-distance relationship, there are things one cannot help but do. I don’t blame anybody that does that. The most important thing is for one not to be unfortunately in love with the wrong person. The pressure is seriously there both from family and society. My key is determination and focus. One thing I have promised myself is that I will get married but in my own time and to the right person. I am not going to allow the pressure to push me. Although sometimes, I wonder if there is ever going to be the right time or right person. I mean what’s the guarantee that after waiting that I will make the right choice? There is no formula in life, so I just leave it in God’s hand to make it right in his own time. For now, I’m still officially single, no boyfriend, no dating.”

When asked if she would love to marry an older man like her colleague, Regina Daniels, Jane said she wants to settle down with someone that will grow up with her.

She said,

“In as much as I love money oh I don’t think I can marry an older man like hers. I want someone to grow up with me. In fact, on no condition will I even accept to become a second wife. Also disrespectful and insecure guys are a huge turnoff. Paying attention does it for me.”

She also recounted her experience with sexual harrasment, stating that she try as much as possible not to expose herself to it.

“Sexual harassment is something every young pretty girl can’t really escape both in and outside the industry. I just try not to expose myself to it. I avoid anything that might put me in such a condition. I just take it one step at a time. I have never really been desperate for anything. However, in a world like ours you can never be too careful but I will prefer not to call anyone out.”

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