‘‘Learn To Embrace Your Husband’s Side Chick for Better Mental Health’’ – Kudirat Ogunro Advices Women

Nollywood actress, Kudirat Ogunro, popularly known as Kudi Alagbo, has advised married women to be comfortable with the fact that their husbands would have side chicks.

In an interview, Kudirat revealed that 70% of men cheat and women should accept the fact that their husbands have side chicks inorder to protect their mental health.

Her words:

“These days, one (a woman) needs to have it at the back of one’s mind that at home, one’s husband could be ‘my bear’. But, when he is outside, he becomes, ‘our daddy’. I believe that 70 per cent of men cheat; so for one’s sanity, one should know that a ‘side chic’ exists somewhere. By doing that, one can celebrate more blissful years in one’s marriage. This truth is bitter for some; but the earlier one knows it, the better for one’s mental health.”

The actress also disagreed with the believe that actresses depend on older men to meet their needs.

Her words:

“I don’t belong to the school of thought that believes actresses depend on sugar daddies to meet their needs. Some may depend on helpers for assistance, but because most of us are in the limelight, any successful thing we do is usually linked to a sugar daddy.”

Speaking about her brand as an herbal products producer. She stated that everyone in her family has a knowledge of herbs.

“Kudi Alagbo is the brand name I gave my herbal products. I am from a family where everyone has a knowledge of herbs. Unlike many who sell herbs online and don’t have the wherewithal, I am different because that was our family’s means of livelihood when I was growing up; and even till now.”

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