“it Is Not Your Duty to Always Start the Conversation – Twitter Influencer Tells Men

Twitter influencer, identified as Shola, has advised men to stop being the first to text in a relationship. He stated that it’s not a man’s duty to start the conversation.

He stated that men should start normalizing been texted first before they text a lady. This is because when it’s always the man texting first, the relationship is one-sided.

There have been controversies that some ladies find it hard to keep a conversation. In lieu of this, the influencer advised men not to settle for one-sided love because they are not a slave.

His words,

“Kings, it is not your duty to always start the conversation. It is not your duty to always text first. Don’t settle for anything one sided, you’re not a slave”.

In reaction some Twitter users shared their views. See some comments below,

Uncle Kay wrote: “I don drop 3 messages with no reply and I go still drop more. no be you go tell me wetin I go do”

Chun_Li wrote: “Most girls lack relationship communication, everytime they be like “any gist?”.

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