It Is Illegal To Reject Old Naira Notes In Lagos, Sanwo-Olu Says

As a result of the commotion caused by the Naira scarcity situation, the Lagos State Government wants to publicly recognise the tolerance and composure of Lagosians.

The Supreme Court postponed today’s hearing on the case until February 22 after the State Government joined the issue there. The apex court declared the old notes to still be legal tender when the issue was originally raised on February 8.

That position has not changed. The State Government hereby warns those rejecting the old notes to desist from doing so or face prosecution. It is against the law to reject the old notes as doing so is contrary to the position of the Supreme Court.

Governor Sanwo-Olu urges Lagosians to remain law-abiding and shun mischief-makers who may exploit this temporary situation to promote their anti-people agenda. He is confident that the Judiciary will resolve all the issues around the currency shortage crisis.

To cushion the effect of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) directive on the old notes, especially on the vulnerable among us, Lagos State has started the distribution of the food packs promised by the Governor.

The 50% fares slash on all State transportation facilities continues, as directed by Mr. Governor.

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