Is This A Legit Reason For Being Single?

I’m a young man of 26. Graduated back in 2019.

I’m currently working as a health professional and in the show biz. I’ve gone through dark times, broke times and cashless times.

I’ve hustled and worked my way up to a comfortable level. I’m not there yet, but for my age, I can afford whatever I want.

It’s been like this since 2021. I’ve come across different girls (I can’t count, actually) who want me and want to settle down with me.

Some want us to date, others really want us to get married. They’re all beautiful ladies, with premium features.

But I’ve turned down all of them. Why? Many of them are broke.

Others have got nothing doing. Just studying or aspiring students. I don’t want a lady who will remind me of my broke days.

I don’t want a broke lady. I’ve gone past that stage and don’t want to go back there.

Do Y’all Think I’m Doing The Right Thing To Stay Single Because Of That?

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