“If You Have To Pay Your Woman Monthly Allowance To Keep Her……..” – Man Says

A Nigerian man has berated men who put their girlfriends on monthly payroll. He stated that such men are not in a relationship contrary to what they feel.

He stated that any man who pays his girlfriend monthly salary inorder to keep her, it shows that he has an employee not a girlfriend.

According to him such a girlfriend is getting paid for work she didn’t do. Thus if she finds a man who is capable of paying her more than what her current man is paying her, she would quit the relationship.

His Words,

“as a Man, if You Have to Pay Your Woman Monthly Allowance to Keep Her, You Obviously Don’t Have a Woman to Start With. You Have an Employee Who Is Getting Her Deserved Salary for A Work She Didn’t Do. Also, an Employee Can Always Leave if A Better Paying Job Opportunity Comes”.

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