I Paid N20 million To Be Released From My Former Label – Bella Shmurda

Bella said he paid N20 million to the management so that he could be released to be an independent artiste after spending just a year out of his 3-year contract.

Nigerian singer, Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed aka Bella Shmurda has opened up on the amount he parted with to secure his release from his former record label, One World Global Records.

According to Bella, he paid N20 million to the management in order for him to become an independent artist after spending a year out of his 3-year contract.

The singer stated that he was cheated by the label because they took a larger percentage of his earnings.

Speaking on the Tea with Taymesan podcast, he explained that he would source for N500k as requested by the label and they in turn would bring N500k for production, promotion, and other things that need funding.

However, when money starts coming from shows, streaming, endorsement, and other areas, they would take 70 percent and give him 30 percent.

Bella said he was not comfortable with that arrangement so he hired a lawyer and bought himself out of One World Global Records.

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