“I Love Forehead Kisses” – Actress Lota Chukwu Reveals Her Dating Specifications

Screen diva and writer, Lota Chukwu popularly known as Kiki, has revealed her specification in the dating ring. She stated that she can only date a tall man.

Lota in a tweet on the microbogging platform, stated that she loves to be kissed on her forehead because it makes her feel safe around a man.

According to her she can’t date a short man because she would have to bend to be kissed on the forehead, and this doesn’t make her feel safe.

She added that shortness for her starts from 5’11 feet tall. That’s any man below 5’11 feet tall is short.

Her words,

“I Love forehead kisses (that make me feel safe) too much to date a short man. And for me, short starts from 5’11.

How do you expect me to feel safe with a forehead kiss when I have to bend my head to receive it? Come on nau”.

Kiki is a tall lady and doesn’t want to date a man she is taller than. Her specifications however met mixed reactions online. See some comments below,

Kohen wrote:

“Forehead kisses are met for our daughters and kid sisters, and not for our lovers”.

KingP wrote:

“It’s not height you’d use to build a solid marriage sha”.

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