Husband Abandoned His Wife After She Gave Birth to Their Fifth Set of Twins

After his wife just gave birth to their sixth set of twins, a Ugandan man allegedly picked up and left his growing family.

Having children is a mixed blessing; some individuals would be overjoyed to have even one, while others have no qualms about casting theirs aside. Consider the case of the Ugandan man who snapped after learning that his wife had just given birth to their fifth set of twins. Even though Nalongo Gloria has had many sets of twins, she has never used in vitro fertilization (IVF).

The Ugandan mother has given birth to her ninth and tenth children, prompting reports that her husband, Ssalongo, has left the family because he felt he could no longer provide for them since “it wasn’t natural.”

Nalongo Gloria said,

“When I got pregnant with twins again, my man claimed this was too much for him and urged me to go home.” She did not know where to go since she lost touch with her family and traveled to the Ugandan capital Kampala to work as a housegirl. He informed her that he could not provide for her if she were unable to have just one kid.

The wife returned home one day to find that her husband had upped and vanished. Since then, she hasn’t heard from him and has been trying to provide for her kids. And yet, she has no regrets and puts her trust in God.

She does not have any regrets about having so many kids. ” Although I am aware that their father dislikes them, I cannot forsake them. I will never leave my children, no matter how difficult things become. I have faith that God will provide,” Gloria stated. “God knows best, I told myself through my pain.”

Nalongo has seven children still living at home with her after her oldest set of twins moved out, and another child passed away. The woman’s landlord just informed her that he no longer wants her or any of her “baggage,” thus their future is unknown.

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