HELP! My Girlfriend Wants To Travel Abroad Without Marrying Me

Since we’ve been dating for about three years, my girlfriend has occasionally stayed at my house as well.

I’ve always wanted to see other countries, but I’m not sure how. Last year, my girlfriend brought up the subject of travel and how she wants to attempt the US study path. I supported her in doing so.

I also supported her so much with my money by helping her to pay her application fee and TOEFL exam.

While doing all these, we had a conversation and she told me that if she is able to get a fully funded offer that we will be going together and I will be going with her as dependent.

Now my girlfriend has gotten admission but she is yet to apply for visa and she has changed plans.

She does not want me to go with her rather she is advising that I should also use the study route if i want to travel.

Note : we had the intention of getting married but right now she doesn’t want us to get marry.

What Should I Do?

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