Halima Abubakar Tattooed Apostle Suleman’s Name On Her Body – Friend Spills

A close friend of actress Halima Abubakar, Benita has disclosed that the actress once tattooed Apostle Suleman’s name on her body.

Actress Halima Abubakar and Apostle Johnson Suleman have been trending for days after the former bounced back to accuse the man of God of some evil deeds.

Speaking in an interview with social media blogger, Temiola Sobola, Benita disclosed that he knew they two were in a romantic relationship.

She also confirmed the claims of Halima Abubakar that her friend aborted three pregnancies while in a relationship with Apostle Suleman.

She said:-

“Halima and I are best friends and I knew when she and Apostle Suleman were dating. We never knew he was a pastor, we thought he was into oil and gas. Halima aborted 3 pregnancies for him.

“After the third pregnancy, she started bleeding every day. I used to follow her to her shows and events. We were always moving around with extra tampons to prevent her from getting stained.

“We don’t know if the bleeding was as a result of the abortion, maybe her womb has been tampered with but when Suleman saw that her bleeding didn’t stop, he dumped her.

“I wanted to get a tattoo one day and she opted to follow me. That was the day she removed the tattoo of Suleman’s name she had on her hand, then I knew my friend has been heartbroken.”

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