Filmmaker Advises Women To Offer S3x As Legal Tender In Exchange For Favors

A UK based Nigerian filmmaker, Onyeka Nwelue, have advised women to use their bodies in exchange for what they need if they don’t have money to pay.

Onyeka in a tweet on his Twitter page stated that people should stop seeing money as a form of exchange. This is because pursuing money sometimes turn people to paupers.

He therefore advised women to use their bodies in cases where they need something important and they don’t have money to offer.

His words,

“The pursuit for money turns everyone into a crazy bush rat. May I suggest we leave money as a form of exchange and try barter? If someone needs something important and can offer sex in replacement of money, he/she should be able to offer that as legal tender?”.

In reaction to his tweet some social media users took to the comments. See some comments:

ManofAlways wrote:

“What of the in event where the person isn’t attracted by the sexual offer?”.

Shege wrote:

“Agreed, so how many bouts of sex for a brand new range Rover pls?”.

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