“Endsars Will Seem Like a Dress Rehearsal for The Real One” – Actor Okon Lagos Warns Against Rigging

Actor, Ime Bishop, better known as Okon has informed Nigerian politicians not to rig the 2023 elections because Nigerians are already tired of dictatorship and will no longer tolerate it.

Taking to his Instagram page, the actor warned INEC and the government that the EDNSARS protest which took place in 2020 will look like dress rehearsal compared to what Nigerians will do if the presidential election is rigged.

He wrote;

“Obviously, there is huge intimidation and rigging, but Please in ALL we do, let us not rig this election with impunity in such a way that it reflects a total opposite of the general will of already frustrated Nigerians o.
If not, ENDSARS will seem like a dress rehearsal for the real one!… just my 1 kobo advice!!!
Now that the long sleeping, docile giant in us is finally wide awake, please let everyone do their part in doing the right thing at all times, especially while collating the results. In this destiny defining moment in our lives, there is a very thin line between sanity and insanity. It will be very unwise to mess with the collective destinies of frustrated people.


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