DO YOU AGREE?? Cristiano Ronaldo Affected Rashford’s Growth At Man United

Former Sky Sports commentator, Richard Keys, has hit out at former Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

Keys branded Ronaldo as a ‘self-centered superstar’, claiming that he suffocated the life out of Marcus Rashford at Man United.

He pointed out how Rashford has been in red-hot form for Erik ten Hag’s side since Ronaldo’s exit.

“If [Erik] Ten Hag has done anything to help [Marcus] Rashford, it was in getting rid of [Cristiano] Ronaldo. Surely the debate about the stroppy self-centred superstar is now over? Yes – he got goals after re-signing for United but rarely were they significant goals,” Keys wrote in his personal blog.

“He was a pain around the club, and he suffocated the life out of players like Rashford. Here is the proof – with Ronaldo starting games at United, Rashford scored eight goals in 19 games.

“Now Ronaldo has gone, it is 16 in 17 – 10 in 10 in the PL. Obviously, there are other factors, but those stats don’t lie.”

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