AFENIFERE: Ensure Nigerians Aren’t Squeezed Out Of Breathe Before Good Times Come

Afenifere, the pan-Yoruba socio-political organisation, has called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to urgently put a halt to steps by some government institutions to jack up prices of commodities and services.

According to the organisation, such step would further worsen the precarious situation of hapless Nigerians.

We reports that the reaction stems from the backdrop of planned increase in electricity tariff and the introduction of fees for proof of ownership certificate for vehicle owners.

Jare Ajayi, spokesperson of the organisation, though stated that such steps taken lately by the Tinubu-led administration might have the potential of lifting Nigeria up in the long run.

He however warned that there is “need to ensure that the people are not squeezed out of breath before that good time comes, as it’s only a person who is wholesomely alive that would enjoy the largesse of tomorrow!”

Afenifere who beckoned on the President to checkmate steps capable of alienating his administration from the people, further urged him to be mindful of actions by government agencies that might be tantamount to sabotaging his good intentions.

He also faulted the recent directive by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for customers to supply their social media accounts.

According to him, the directive amounts to making members of the public ‘to pay’ for the failure and negligence of relevant organs of the government in carrying out their constitutionally assigned duties.

Faulting the planned increase in electricity tariff on Naira exchange that went up from N441 to N750 per dollar, Ajayi wondered why service being rendered in Nigeria should be denominated in or predicated on US dollar.

“Is the energy they are distributing imported from the United States of America?” he queried.

He called on Tinubu to stop the planned increase on electricity tariff and ensure that the increase is not effected secretly as had been done before.

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