A MUST READ! How I Was Scammed Of N100k Yesterday

I’ve been attempting to sell my old watches by advertising them both here and on jiji. Two of the watches and two of the smartbands I was able to sell received funds via transfer.

This man called me yesterday to tell me that he wants to buy my Galaxy Watch 3 for his son after seeing my ad on Jiji. We made a 100k offer. He informed me that he was in the office and would call me after he finished.

He called to say he was on his way to Lugbe Shoprite in Abuja after waiting for almost an hour (I stay around there).

He described his automobile and the three individuals in it when he arrived into Shoprite. The individual I was speaking with was seated.

The guy inspected the watch, and confirmed everything was fine. He said he has transferred my money, and then showed me his phone that he has been debited. I wasn’t even concerned about the debit alert, I’m very aware of fake alert.

Based on trust, I just told him he could go with the watch while I expect my credit alert (based on network, I dont know if it will take 24hrs or more).

He told me thank you and left, and that was the end.

From there I went to get fuel, I stayed 30 minutes at the filling station, no alert. I started calling this thief and he didn’t pick.

I have called him over 50 times with my both lines, but the shameless he-goat refused picking my calls, instead he switched off the phone. I realised I have been scammed, I deleted his number so I’m not tempted to call him again. The last thing I want now is distraction. If 100k makes him happy so be it.

I feel very angry because I allowed him go based on trust. I thought I was dealing with a gentle man.

Moreover this month has been very tough for me, Amazon out of the blues closed my associates account for a mistake I made in 2020, and withheld my $1400.

I now realise why the driver of the bus I took while coming back to Abuja turned to a mad man at lokoja simply because 6hrs later the transfer I did to him has not reflected on his account. He said before we continue our journey to Abuja, I must pay him his money in cash.

I was forced to withdraw 20k from POS at 3k charge. He eventually saw the alert by 7pm after we arrived Abuja, and I was given back my cash.

Henceforth, I no see alert for my phone with all the marks from my bank, no deal.

Be warned, some Nigerians can be so daft. I couldn’t understand why a grown ass man will be so useless.

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