2023: There Won’t Be Ballot Stuffing, Snatching — INEC

In preparation for the general elections in 2023, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has promised Nigerians that there won’t be any ballot stuffing or ballot snatching by criminal elements as there have been in the past.

Alhaji Muhammed Mashi, the INEC Administrative Secretary in Kaduna State, claimed that the electoral body had made such cases impossible.

Mashi made this remark during a courtesy visit by members of a non-governmental organisation operating under the banner of Integrity Group for Better Nigeria to him in Kaduna, the state capital.

He asserted that the peaceful conduct and outcome of the upcoming general elections across Nigeria would surprise and please Nigerians.

The state officials had received both sensitive and non-sensitive materials for the elections the next year, the INEC scribe continued.

“With the new electoral reform Nigerians will be surprised and happy to see what will happen in 2023 election because it will be smooth and transparent, free and fair.

“Issue of ballot stuffing and snatching will not happen, and no voter can vote twice. The election will be smooth that if Mr. A wins the election, Mr. B will not hesitate to congratulate Mr. A, and vice versa.

“People who did multiple registration will be taken to court because it is criminal offence. Whoever perpetrated the offence will face the wrath of the law.

“We have started receiving both sensitive and insensitive materials for the 2023 elections. We are improving day by day.

“Those who did fresh registration and transfer of polling booths in July can go and collect their PVCs because they are ready,” he added.

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