Upcoming Artist: Why You Should  Not Quit Music

Upcoming Artist: Why You Should Not Quit Music


Having spoken to hundreds of musicians
throughout my blogging career, it is
interesting to note how some have let the dream fade into the past in favour of a life of normality, whilst others are still walking the yellow brick road in search of stardom. The question we ask is, why do people give up and what happens next?

Knowing so well that there are lots of challenges sorrounding most of our upcoming artist today.

1. Finances.

considering the amount of money which needs to poured into a single act in order for it to achieve notable attention and success. Most musicians are poor souls trying to earn a living from their talent. But talent alone doesn’t generally take an independent master of music to the height of comfort and prosperity if he remains unsigned indefinitely!

2. Commitments.

Read this classic story. Wizzydealfa been playing in a band for six years. He has his heart set on stardom and fame. But then one day, along comes ‘Cynthia,’ who initially loves the attention he receives and finds the
whole band thing gives her a buzz. She is drawn to his talent and his soulful, expressive hobby. But one day Cynthia wants to be the ‘FIRST’ most important thing in Wizzy’s life and soon he starts to feel the pressure.

His attention to the game is emotionally driven off course, as he frets about how he now has less time to make music and his band mates think he should get rid of Cynthia! How can he let her mess it up? But wizzy can’t dump Cynthia because he loves her and despite this indifference their relationship has been truly wonderful. Perhaps if he gives it a break for a few years he can always come back to it again, couldn’t he?

having many other challenges like. Band Splits, Pressure, Competition, etc.

Let’s talk on “why you should not quitquit music”
If u remember the last interview Timaya had with Punch, Timaya said: ‘When I was with Eedris Abdulkareem, did he give me due recognition? Eedris did not make me who I am today. I was the one that went to meet Eedris in his house. He never treated me well. I would stay at the front of his gate from morning till night and he would send somebody to tell me to come back after a week. When I returned the following week, he would not see me. I used my money to pay to attend his shows even though I was his band member. I was not celebrated.’

Timaya continued: ‘The only money Eedris paid me in his life was N1,000 and it was after we had the Kuramo Beach show. That was nothing compared to the money I had been spending on transport. I was not bothered because I wanted a platform and I was learning. Like I always tell people, whatever you want in life, you just need to make sacrifice. Even if they feed you poop, you are not going to eat it forever. I gained a lot from that experience. It was through him that I met Sound Sultan and a lot of people. Eedris and I don’t do the same kind of music, so he does not influence me musically. I have never been in a studio where he was recording before and he never gave me that opportunity, so how did I learn anything from him.’

So after listening to Timaya’s story tell me why u should give up.

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