Xbusta – Chom (Lyrics) | @X_busta

Xbusta – Chom (Lyrics) | @X_busta

Lyrics to #chom by XBUSTA

Me n my homies dey ball o

Promise say we no go fall o

Me n my homies dey ball o

Na we the shawties dey follow

Me n my homies dey ball o

Promise say we no go fall o

Me n my homies dey ball o
Me n my homies de ball o

We dey rain even on a sunny day (chom)

Follow follow pikin ig’ato n’ije (chom)

Sweet flows ihea di ka honey way

Step into the scene eh,my guys ana chalite (tem tem chom)

Mu na my guys ana chalite (tem tem chom)

My guys ana chalite (tem tem c ), na chalite (tem tem), nachalite (chom)

Verse 1

My daddy tell me say “boy u be monster”

N if i die one day dem go mourn star

Military flows, nna holla shun sir

Nne i ka n’amu amu ichoro iwu porn star

The fruit of my labour here no b grape o

To measure my success u no need tape o

The boy dey go realer (gorilla ) him no be ape o

These rappers be like dbanj dem go be my scape goat

And i no dey fear to face fear

No round neck or singlet na cash we dey chase there (chase deer)

Lyrically i dey vex man

The money just dey come like say i dey sex am

And i’ll be chilling where my homies dey

And if i holla #chom there oboy no be play

Above the best na where them place me

If i no come your show use 10 rappers replace me


Verse 2

Me n my homies dey ball o

Before the show dem go pay us

The hustle here no be wrestler na the reason why e no dey shame us (shamus)

Right now we getting famous ,even amos no fit aim us

The account is getting fat now, o dika hippopotamus

We dey rain even on a sunny day

Even tekno know say this one na holiday

I keep it icey sort of like the cooling van

I bring the money home , like the bullion van

Hot like fm n the fine girls wanna fm,best mc in the galaxy now your shawty wanna f em

Yeso, just said i’m the best o, right now shawties sendo, like my first phone at the end o

We dey look for nations to lend o ,making your shawty dey bend o ,like say she just dey select cloths , live smart like techno, yes o

Nevertheless, i dey clever invest,n I’m never the last so i never recess ,if u are better my homies the best,i’ll be giving the best ,i’ll be giving the best .


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