EXPOSED! Buhari’s School Presents
Forged Certificate, Different Form Number With Military

EXPOSED! Buhari’s School Presents Forged Certificate, Different Form Number With Military

The embattled All Progressive Congress (APC)
presidential candidate, Pa Muhammadu Buhari
and his purported college, allegedly released his
“school certificate” yesterday as lately posted here
Regrettable, Enjoy9ja.Com can now
authoritatively declare that this “Certificate” issued
yesterday (21/01/2015) and it content is factually
inaccurate and have discrepancies when compared
to the Army Application form, NA 199A Buhari
completed and his own claimed hand written
cover letter in 1961.

1. Muhammadu Buhari is the person that
Nigerians requested to see his school certificate
and not Mohamed Buhari. As at 18/10/1961,
Buhari referred himself as Muhammadu Buhari,
not Mohamed in his hand written Army
Application cover letter. Nigerians are still waiting
for Buhari to Present his school certificate.
2. Buhari is claimed to be the set of 1960, suppose
to pass out by May/June, 1961.
3. From the Army Press statement and the
Principal’s letter, on October 18, 1961 Buhari is
still being address as student of Daura Province
college, not ex-student or former student as the
case may be.
4. Buhari’s School Principal wrote a
recommendation to the Army on or before the
18th of October, 1961 (dated). The
Recommendation letter’s details is as follows.
“Buhari will Pass with credits in English, Maths,
and three other subjects”. Meaning that as at 18th
of October, 1961, Buhari is claimed to be a
student, but Buhari and his current school
Principal yesterday, made Nigerians believe that
Buhari have a Certificate taken in May 1961.
5. Army confirmed that Major General
Muhammadu Buhari applied to join the military as
a Form Six student of the Provincial Secondary
School, Katsina on October 18, 1961. In 1961,
Nigerian school system do not Form Six, rather
our secondary school classes stops at Form Five.
6. The result of students that sat for the May/June,
1961 examination was released in September,
1961, therefore if Buhari sat for the May/June,
1961 WASC Examination with 5 credits, on 18th
of October, 1961, Buhari will not require a
recommendation letter that promised that he will
sit and pass an examination.
7. It should have been better, if Buhari and his
if he graduate with Musa Shehu Yar’adua in 1961
and yet Musa Shehu Yar’adua finished secondary
school in 1959 and also joined the Army two
years the same year.
8. In Nigeria, if you lose your school certificate,
the procedure is to request for a replacement
certificate from WAEC only, not from your former
school. Your secondary school Principal will only
issue you a statement of result.
9. We still assumed that Buhari is not aware of this
Toronto Certificate and that he will soon come out
to disclaim it, if otherwise, let Buhari Present this
poorly produced document called school
certificate to any authority in the Nigerian and be
prepared to land himself to Prison for forgery.
10. INEC and the electoral law as Amended in
2011 said that the certificates should be attached
with his INEC presidential candidate’s Form. We
demand Buhari to Send this Certificate to INEC, as
these online Media that he released the
“Certificate” are not INEC and do not represent
INEC in any form.
It is a Shame. One you started lying, it will never
stop. The game is that Buhari started with deceit
and lies and he is ending up with unintelligent lies,
as noted.

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