The Real Story Behind The Death Of Muna Obiekwe

The Real Story Behind The Death Of Muna Obiekwe

From some of the sad posts that Muna’s colleagues posted
on their various social media accounts, it was made known
that the actor, who is survived his wife and children, died
after he could not afford the fee the Nigerian health care
was demanding.
Nollywood actors, Uche Jumbo, Mike Ezuruonye, Stella
Damasus and others who confirmed the death of the
talented Nollywood actor, also in their posts made it known
that they were all in the dark as to his health condition. Even
Nigeria’s Actors’ Guild president, Ibinabo Fiberesima, was
unaware of the actor’s illness before his sudden death.
Some of the actors and actresses confirmed from their
posts also that the film industry in Nigeria is no better than
a ‘make-believe’, as everyone is just content with the
publicity and showing off involved in the business. Actress,
Ify Okeke made it known that there are no real friends in
the industry.
It is also true that the health system in Nigeria needs a
revamp as unconfirmed reports said that the late actor
needed only N50k for dialysis per day and Muna allegedly
could not afford this. Ify Ikeke thinks that, although Muna
did not open up to anyone in the industry about his health
situation, most of our actors and actresses prefer showing
off to helping fellow colleagues.
It would be recalled that the popular musician and music
director, OJB Jezreel, had a kidney transplant in India with
the help of his celebrity colleagues who donated
generously. But in Muna’s case, there was a sad end, as the
Internet went abuzz yesterday, Sunday, January 19, 2015
when news of his death surfaced online. Here are some of
what his colleagues in the Nollywood industry had to say
about his death…
Stella Damasus
Just confirmed it from some close friends and relatives that
he is really dead. The message from twitter that he was still
alive was from a fake account. So this is my pain, how do
you know what to believe and what not to believe? Where
do we draw the line?
Over nine thousand people on twitter have believed that he
is still alive because of the fake twitter account. REST IN
PEACE BRO! I was really hoping that it was a rumor. God
rest your soul. This is too painful. Whoever put that
message out not the fake twitter account should be careful.
Don’t play games with people’s lives like that.
Yvonne Jegede
“Some times i wish we don’t take some things for granted.
Been calling and his phone is switched off. I wish i could
have a short chat with you now. I wish i could just see you
one more time. My friend, my colleague, my boss, my
senior, my GUYYYYYY…
Tears won’t stop, my heart beating faster, Bless the day i
met you, bless your soul, bless your family you left
behind. #nollywoodactor #nollywoodhulk #nollywoodlover
Uche Jombo
“It’s not the length of life but the depth of life” RIP muna!
Update:it’s sad that someone will try to make this sad day
more difficult by tweeting through a fake account.
Like you all I wish it was a lie but sadly it’s not.please just
pay your respects and stop with the tagging about this fake
account user. I refuse to give him 1min.
Mike Ezuruonye
So sad…Muna whyyyyyyyyyy ….Ohhh Whyyyyyyyy..R.I.P
bro…Nollywood looses another
Death is not something to toy with…His first cousin Called
me and told me n I confirmed from those who saw it all..for
those of u cursing me out I hope after this all u will
apologize ..And realize there are impersonators claiming to
be some Celebrities on tweeter too..God bless.
Nonso Diobi
I v just confirmed from AGN president that Muna Obiekwe
is truly dead, its so sad and still can’t bliv dis .
Ify Okeke
I truly hate to be a harbinger of bad news but I want to
confirm that MUNA OBIEKWE IS DEAD! And am so angry!
Yes not just because we lost another great talent but
because in this industry we are not our brothers kepper.
Yes,Muna mighty have wanted or lived a private life but
people knew he was sick,people knew his health condition
and yet what did they do,some tried but if they had cried
out to the world MUNA might have gotten help. We are just
colleagues NO REAL FRIENDS! Rest In Peace MUNA”

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