Touching Story About Cristiano Ronaldo (Must Read)

Touching Story About Cristiano Ronaldo (Must Read)

“I have to thank my friend Albert Fantrau for my success.
We played together for a youth club. When people from
Sporting (The team Man U bought Ronaldo from) arrived,
they told us that whoever scored more goals would be
accepted to their
“We won that game 3-0, I scored the first goal, then Albert
scored a header, and the third was a goal that impressed
Albert went on one on one with the goal keeper. I was
running next to him, he went round the keeper, all he
needed to do was just to get the ball into the empty net.
But, he passed it to me and I scored. I was accepted to the
“After the match, I approached him and asked him “why”
and he answered; “You’re better than me”.
Several years after, journalist went to Albert’s house, and
asked whether the story was true. He confirmed. He also
said that his career as a football player finished after that
match and he is now unemployed.
“But where did you get such a gorgeous house, a car? You
seemed to be a rich person. You also maintain your
where is all this from?”
Albert proudly replied; “its from Cristiano.”RESPECT.

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