Djags Endorses Gov. David Umahi For Second Term.

Djags Endorses Gov. David Umahi For Second Term.

Indigenous Singer/rapper “Djags” has endorsed Gov. David Umahi for second term and re-election in 2019.

Sensational singer/rapper asked the people of Eboyi states, irrespective of political differences to support Umahi for governor of Eboyi sate in 2019, adding that all Artist and all entertainers are in his support, come 2019.

“The Eboyi of today, he is the best man for the job. He is fighting against corruption. It takes an unusual determination to do what he is doing. He stands to end Unemployment in the state I think Everybody, all Nigerians should support him, Djags said.

Djags said this on Monday, October 22, in Owerri at enjoy9ja media house, Imo State chapter, while addressing a group of upcoming artist. He disclosed that all the Eboyi artist and entertainers are in support of Umahi’s re-election., irrespective of party difference.

He also discuss about his new campaign song for gov. Umahi which he promise to drop online on 25th of October.

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