Banky W Gives a food for thought to Nigerian Youths.

Banky W Gives a food for thought to Nigerian Youths.

Banky W : A wake up call to Nigerian Youths.

Banky W, a Nigeria singer, songwriter, producer, anf motivational speaker has  sent a wake up call to Nigerian youth about the terrible things happening in the country and the current situation the youth has placed themselves, at the recent Tedx Lagos event where the motivational speaker was invited as guest speaker on stage at the conference, Banky W shared a food of thought that ‘True change will only come when you are frustrated enough about a problem to do something about it’. He also charges the youth to do more than tweets and prayers that it’s high time for each one of us to do more by standing up to the problems of the country and fixing it up ourselves.

Banky W said while these terrible things are happening in the country our leaders are still porting from one party to the others and they are playing with the affairs and destiny of we youth the real future leaders of this great nation and we the youth are busy sitting back watching and tweeting about all these and even worse taking sides with these men to fight ourselves.

All these and more was delivered by one Sensational Art ,Banky W at the Tedx Lagos which is an annual Tedx conference that aspires to bring together Nigeria’s best scientists, entrepreneurs, professionals, innovators and reformers to share ideas that would spark deep discussions and birth new ideas that will change our society. We hope that this speach would be of great impact in the lives of the youths.

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