2019 Election: Why Ekweremadu As VP Will Help Atiku Achieve Restructuring

2019 Election: Why Ekweremadu As VP Will Help Atiku Achieve Restructuring

While speaking on a RayPower radio programme, Political Platform in Abuja on Friday, a public analyst, Majeed Dahiru, said that the deputy senate president, Ike Ekweremadu, will help Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential flag bearer, Atiku Abubakar, achieve restructuring if elected.

According to TheCable who monitored the programme, the analyst said Ekweremadu has a wealth of experience, owing to the positions he has held in the past.

He said: “In the south-east, for example, is who do we think will add the best value across as someone with cumulative experience in both legislative and executive governance.

“The odds will of course favour Ekweremadu more. Don’t forget that he was a local government chairman, chief of staff, secretary to the state government, and has been a lawmaker- not just an ordinary lawmaker, but as somebody you can describe as a philosopher patriot. He has a PhD. In constitutional law with a thesis on fiscal federalism.

“He is somebody you can describe as a father of Nigeria’s modern constitution amendment, having piloted three consecutive assemblies. So, he is someone that understands the much-talked about restructuring that Atiku has been passionately talked about and how exactly to help Atiku to carry it out.”

The analyst said the country needs a government that would deliver on its mandate of good governance.

“I will, therefore, like to see an Ekweremadu, for example, that helps Atiku propose legislative amendments that can harness the economic assets and inland waterways in a coastal state like Lagos. This will be more beneficial to the South West than a symbolic vice-president,” Dahiru said.

“So, three things must be considered. Out of all these mentioned names, who can mobilise the entire South East as a voting block, to bless the Atiku presidential bid. Ekweremadu stands out because in his leadership position as deputy senate president, he has managed to unite the south-east around a common cause.

“In fact, I was surprised weeks ago when the south-east governors went to pay homage to Ekweremadu. This has not been common, but I think it is because of his personal character. Secondly, we need a government that will not only win election, but also deliver on its mandate of good governance. Ekweremadu has the capacity and something substantial to contribute.

“And finally on the issue of integrity, he has resisted every temptation to move into APC like some others and be shielded for any skeleton he may have in his cupboard because he doesn’t have any. If he had, he would have since defected.”

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