‘I Can’t Wish Nigeria Happy Birthday’ – Yul Edochie

‘I Can’t Wish Nigeria Happy Birthday’ – Yul Edochie

Nigerian actor turned politician, Yul Edochie, took to Twitter to reveal why he can’t wish Nigeria a happy birthday.

Though some Nigerian celebrities celebrated Nigeria’s Independence anniversary, however, Yul Edochie said he can’t wish Nigeria a happy birthday because she is a mess. He wrote;

‘Can’t wish anybody a Happy Independence day, there’s nothing to be happy about. Nigeria is in a mess. The masses, the youths are unhappy. Poverty, hunger, joblessness, killings still prevail. Government listens to the cry of the people. Power is nothing if our people are unhappy.’

Yul Edochie is currently the special adviser on Creative and Entertainment Media to the present governor of Anambra state Wille Obiano. However, the tweet led to the disagreement between his fans, as some agreed and disagreed with the actor on this note. Some asked him to wish them a Happy Independence Day not with regards to the country, but because we are all alive to see another year.

The actor had a few weeks ago taken a swipe at the Nigerian government because he feels dreams and aspirations die in the country as a result of the decay in the system. He gave a brief story of his friend who worked in Nigeria for years as a doctor without making money but became rich after his short move abroad.

“My friend hustled as a practicing medical doctor for over 10yrs in Nigeria with nothing much to show for it. He left Nigeria last yr to practice abroad, came back one yr after, got married, bought lands, building his house and happy. Dreams die here. We can’t continue like this,” he tweeted.


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