Post UTME Past Questions And Answers – Secret To Exam Success

Post UTME Past Questions And Answers – Secret To Exam Success

Any applicant that has ever gained admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria understands the importance of the post UTME past questions and answers in excelling at the  screening exercise.

If you’ve never written a post UTME or even UTME, you’re in luck.

Take a moment and bookmark this page because you’ll need to go through it again.

I’m about to share the secret of exam success in Nigeria. Here is what you need to do to gain admission into your dream course.

Of course, getting your choice course begins with the proper foundation.

If you’ve passed the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, skip the next heading. Otherwise, let’s start with the UTME, shall we?

Before Writing the Post UTME

According to a statistic released by the JAMB registrar, only about a quarter of the candidates who sat for the 2018 post UTME scored above 200. The media blamed this poor performance on many factors.

However, the poor preparation for the Computer-based Test took the bulk of the blame.

A lot of candidates have a tough time with the computer-based test due to;

● Computer illiteracy
● Perception of Having Less Time
● Not enough speed and accuracy
● A misconception that it is more difficult

There is an easy solution to the challenges outlined above. Simply practice with a Jamb CBT Practice App. How can a smartphone application help you, you ask?

It helps you overcome all the challenges outlined above by putting you in the exam condition.

Furthermore, it will help you lay a proper foundation for preparing for computer-based post UTME screening exercises.

Why You Need the Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

After scoring 270 in the UTME Computer-Based Test you decided to relax a little. After all, you have earned it.

So, you stopped studying till the post UTME form was suddenly released. And it occurred to you that you have just two weeks to prepare adequately for the screening exercise.

The obvious option is to bury your head in the textbooks you used for the UTME and hope for the best. But the obvious choice is seldom the best choice.

The best choice in this situation is to download your chosen institution’s post UTME past questions and answers.

It gives you an insight into the nature of the post UTME questions, helping you avoid any unpleasant surprises.

In addition to this, you’ll be able to easily recognized repeated questions and answer quickly.

Basically, studying with a post UTME past questions and answers helps increase speed and accuracy.

How to Maximize the Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

Outlined below are tips to take to get the best out of your post UTME past questions and answers.

Forget Your UTME Score

Your UTME score can be your biggest undoing. It can get into your head if the score is high, and prevent you from putting enough time into the past questions.

The one thing you should know is that UTME is a walk in the park, compared with the post UTME screening exercise.

So, forget what you scored in the UTME. It’s no longer important. Instead, focus on the screening exercise you have ahead and gain admission once.

Remember, scoring 300 in UTME does not guarantee admission, having the same score in the post- UTME does.

Honestly speaking, this is one of the best post UTME tips you will ever come across.

Drop the Textbooks

This sounds like a mistake, doesn’t it? But, it’s no mistake. Stay with me, I’m about to break it down.

If you studied your O Level and UTME and passed these exams without additional help, chances are you already know enough to pass the post UTME.

Reading your textbook all over again is like recycling old information, you won’t feel challenged and won’t give a hundred per cent attention to the book.

What you need is a specialized knowledge and this is what the post UTME past questions and answers offer.

Of course, there is an exception to this rule. If you don’t know enough to write the post UTME combine an appropriate textbook with the past questions.

Pick up the Post UTME Past Questions

The post UTME gives you an insight into the school demands. You’ll know the exact type of questions to expect and how to answer the questions too.

In addition to this, you’ll know the exact topics in every subject that the exam body favours.

Answer as many questions as possible and score yourself. Try to understand why you got some wrong and what you could have done differently. Then solve the questions again without looking at the answer.

Solving post UTME past questions is about the numbers. The more time you spend solving past questions, the closer you get to gaining that admission.

Do not cram the past questions, you will fail!

Put Yourself in the Exam Condition

At this point, you must have studied well with the post UTME for at least twelve hours every day for at least twelve days.

You understand the past questions and know the topics your tertiary institution favours. The next step is to put yourself in the exam condition.

What do I mean by exam condition, you ask? You must consider the following factors when practising;

●  The Time Allowed
●  Use or Disuse of Calculator
●  Shading on OMR sheet or Ticking on a Screen
●  The Sitting Arrangement

Do this once every day, starting from a week to the post UTME exercise.

Focus on Use of English

This is not as odd as it sounds.  Every post UTME exercise conducted by tertiary institutions in Nigeria has a number of questions allotted to each subject.

Most universities in Nigeria offer Use of English as the bulk of the post UTME questions. An example of such school is the University of Benin.

As such, it is important to brush up your Use of English. A high score in this subject might be what you need to excel at the screening exercise.

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