Egyptian Police Finally Caught Three Hausa Guys Who Murdered Nigerian Blogger “2Shy” In Egypt

Egyptian Police Finally Caught Three Hausa Guys Who Murdered Nigerian Blogger “2Shy” In Egypt

According to Youm7 News Report This is the full details of how Three Hausa guys murdered Nigerian Blogger who based in Egypt “Onyema Love Day 2Shy” on this report they narrated 2Shy as the Victim, Read» » ‎
Cairo investigations reveal the details of the killing of Jambi
nationality by 3 Nigerians orchards
Friday, 03 November 2017
The defendants accused of killing their African national friend in al-
Basateen area with detailed confessions about how they
committed the incident after the success of the Cairo interrogation
men in arresting them in their escape zone immediately after they
committed the crime in the park in Alexandria.
The first defendant admitted that the victim was engaged in
criminal activity in the field of drawing the citizens on the pretext of his ability to generate dollars, and that he exploited their relationship and asked him to teach him his criminal style, and the
victim agreed to that in return for bringing one of the girls from the
same tribe to which he belongs in order to establish But he was
reluctant to do so and after the victim taught him his criminal style, he demanded that he fulfill his demand and bring one of the girls to meet him. The defendant pointed out that on the date of the

incident he went to the victim’s house accompanied by the second
and third defendants and there was a verbal quarrel between him
and the offender because he did not fulfill his demand and
developed into a quarrel in which the victim tried to assault him
with a knife. The second and third defendants intervened to defend
the first defendant. The knife was taken out of his hand and hit
him, causing him to die of injuries that led to his death. They
seized 600 pounds, the Playstation device and the rest of the
stolen goods and fled Harbin. The second defendant was charged
with selling the second mobile phone in the city of Mansoura in the governorate of Dakahlia.

The other charges were disposed of by
selling to one of the shops in the same area. The first defendant
lived and spent the amount seized on their personal requirements.
The details of the incident began with the police officers of the
Hortan Police Department receiving a 20-year-old student from a
Sudanese student who was on her way to visit her fiancé, Sheriffa
S., 35, a resident of the Upper Maraj district, The apartment did not respond. The driver of the vehicle called 911 Haywandi Verna, a 19-year-old driver of the Aubar company, who came with him. we managed to break the door of the apartment and discovered his death. The body of the victim was found on the back of the house.
He was wearing full clothing, with a stabbing wound on the right
side, wounds and a thigh in the chest area, and traces of blood on
the floor of the room and the bed. Computer “laptop”, and by
asking the report and the driver of the car, was not accused or
accused in anyone of committing the incident. The investigation
revealed that the perpetrators of the incident were three persons of
African origin. They were identified as Luqman Abu Luqman, 23
years old, Mansoura University student, Nigerian, Khalifa SA, 24
years old. , A student at the University of Mansoura, Nigerian nationality, and “Anwar AH” 17 years, a student at the University of Mansoura, Nigerian nationality. It was also possible through the
use of technical assistance unit of the Department of Operations to determine the hiding place in Montazah area in Alexandria, they were targeted by a mission and resulted in seizure, The first
defendant has the mobile phone of the victim Accordingly, they
pleaded guilty to the incident and released the necessary minutes.
Source» YOUM7.COM

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