Tourism Can Boost Nigeria‘s Economy,
Says Eyeoyibo

Tourism Can Boost Nigeria‘s Economy, Says Eyeoyibo


NEGRI A economy can survive from the negative
effects of current fall oil prices at the international
market and come out stronger, if adequate investment is
injected into the hospitality and tourism sector urgently.

Chairman/ Chief Executive Officer Roseview Hotel,
Mr. Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo made this observation
during an exclusive interview he had with the Guardian.

Eyeoyibo, a frontline hospitality expert , said that
tourism and hospitality sector needs more attention than it
is getting presently.

“Tourism is a goldmine not well harnessed despites its
huge exchange potentials,” he said.

He noted that there is
hardly any state or local government in Nigeria that does
not have one or more unique tourism potentials that could
turn to a source of revenue generation and attract people
from all parts of the world to this country.

He said the current oil prices drop is a wake- up call
for Nigeria to try utilise other sustainable alternatives
rather relying on oil as major asset.

“With good
infrastructure in place, tourism would be a money
spinner with better prospects than oil.

Eyeoyibo also
decried the state of infrastructure in Nigeria.
He said the shortage of electricity is one of the
challenges facing hotel owners.
“Most hotels provide
24hours electricity and security to protect their facilities,
a situtaion which shot up their overheads.

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