A 23-year-old female student of the Department of Mass Communication of Ibarapa Polytechnic, Eruwa in Oyo State, has alleged that a soldier (name withheld) attached to a special security outfit in the state, ‘Operation Burst’ raped her three times in the night of Friday, August 29, this year, under a dongoyaro tree.The lady, a National Diploma (ND) II student (name withheld), said the soldier allegedly threatened to kill her with a two- edged knife if she did not cooperate. This, according to her, took place in the premises of the Ibarapa zonal office of the Operation Burst at Secretariat in Eruwa. The lady sobbed as she narrated her ordeals to
newsmen in Ibadan yesterday. She also appealed
to well-meaning Nigerians, including President
Goodluck Jonathan and his wife, Dame Patience to
intervene for her to get justice on the alleged rape.
President of the Students’ Union Government
(SUG), Ibarapa Polytechnic, Atilola Olatunji; a legal
practitioner, Mr. Ola Adeosun, and the lady’s
guardian, Oludare Ogunlana, had earlier
addressed a press conference on the incident.
The lady explained that she was arrested on an
allegation of being a cultist by the soldier at about
10:30p.m on the fateful day after she saw a friend
of hers off in Oke-Ola area of Eruwa, adding that
the soldier was not satisfied that she was not a
cultist and took her to the zonal office at
Secretariat. She alleged that she saw other soldiers
and security agents at the zonal office premises,
torturing some other people, including students.
With tears in her eyes, she said: “At about 10.30p.m
on Friday, August 29, 2014, while returning to my
apartment, having escorted a friend out, a soldier
stopped me and asked where I was going to at that
period of time. I told him I was going to my
apartment, more so that there was no curfew in
Eruwa on that day.
“He said I must be a cultist to be moving about
around that time, but I denied it. He ordered me to
climb his motorcycle, but I pleaded with him that
he should let me go. He removed a knife and said
he would stab me. So scared, I climbed the Okada
and he took me to their Operation Burst office.
“On the way, I saw a woman whom I called for
assistance. The woman pleaded with the soldier
but he refused. He took me to the office. On getting
there, I heard screams of some people being
tortured in the building.
“The soldier forcibly led me to a dark area under a
dongoyaro tree and ordered me to remove my
dresses for him to see the cultist tattoos on my
body. I told him I have no tattoos on my body and
that he should let me go. He then removed the
knife again and said he would slaughter me like a
ram and that I would be buried like many other
girls, who had failed to cooperate in the past, and
nobody would trace my death to him.
“I later agreed by removing all my clothes. He
ordered me to lie down under the tree and he had
sex with me three times, while I was crying.
Around 3.30a.m, I was catching cold and he went
into the office and brought a bottle of beer.
He gave it to me to hold for him. Later, he said he
was going to bring a blanket for me to cover my
body. I waited for about 30 minutes, but when he
did not return, I dressed up and ran away from the
The student, as gathered, reported the incident to
her parents that also reported the case to their
lawyer. Thereafter, a complaint was lodged at the
police station in Eruwa. The police reportedly
contacted the relevant military authorities and the
purported victim was taken to the Operation Burst
office, where identification parade was conducted.
The lady was said to have identified the suspected
soldier, simply identified as Ignatius, who allegedly
admitted raping the girl. It was also gathered that
the lady was taken to a private hospital for
appropriate test.
A legal practitioner, Mr. Ola Adeosun, said the lady
was instructed by the hospital to buy hand gloves
before a doctor attended to her. In conducting the
test, Adeosun said the doctor “instructed the victim
to lie down, and thereafter used his GSM phone’s
torchlight to look into her vagina and thereafter
wrote his report where he stated that although he
did not see semen/sperm therein, the victim’s
vagina had been tampered with.
“On being probed on the reason the doctor did not
check inside the vagina for semen, we were
embarrassed when the doctor informed our client
that the hospital does not have the facilities to
carry out such ‘an elementary’ test.”
The lawyer said the first statement in which the
soldier allegedly admitted that he had carnal
knowledge of the lady had been substituted with
assault against the girl.
But the Oyo State Government has denied the
allegation of rape against the soldier. A statement
issued on September
7, 2014, by the Special Adviser on Media to
Governor Abiola Ajimobi, Dr. Festus Adedayo, said:
“The Oyo State anti- crime outfit nicknamed
Operation Burst, has said it had investigated a case
of rape levelled against one of its operatives by a
student of the Eruwa Polytechnic, Ibadan and
found it to be baseless.
“The outfit, however, said the Nigerian Army had
recommended the officer involved for disciplinary
measures for abandoning his duty post.
“The crime-fighting outfit made this known in a
release issued by the outfit’s Second-in-Command,
CSP Elijah
Bawa, at the weekend. According to the Operation
Burst, immediately the outfit was intimated with
the allegation of
rape against the said student, he dispatched an
investigation team to Eruwa.
“He said the team met with the Divisional Police
Officer for the Eruwa Division, DSP Kayode Adigun,
who disclosed that the 23-year-old Mass
Communication student of the school lodged a
complaint with the command that she had been
raped by the soldier who was also an operative of
the anti- crime outfit.
“Upon being told that she had not destroyed what
could amount to an evidence if the case was true,
said the outfit’s second-in-command, the divional
police officer (DPO) took the lady complainant to
the Eruwa General Hospital for medical
examination, the result of which proved negative.
“When interrogated about the process of the rape,
said the Operation Burst, the allegedly raped lady
said she had left her hostel and was seeing her
friend off at about 2230 hrs and when she was
returning, she was accosted by the Operation Burst
operative who accused her of being a cultist..

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A 23-year-old female student of the Department of Mass Communication of Ibarapa Polytechnic, Eruwa in Oyo State, has alleged that a soldier (name withheld) attached to a special security outfit in the state, ‘Operation Burst’ raped her three times in the night of Friday, August 29, this year, under...